Welcome to Alfa Blue Pits the best home of the American Pit Bull Terriers. Alfa Blue Pits is located in Northern VIrginia and is owned and operated by the Polo Family. Alfa Blue Pits is the New era of the APBT’s here on the east coast. Our dogs were carefully selected and brought from the best breeders of California. Quality is our number one priority, that is why we offer only the best on show quality puppies and pet quality puppies. We have blood lines from the legendaries King Lion, Notorious Juan Gotty, Smokey, Iron Maiden, KIng kong and more. Ranging from 70 to 130 pounds our bullies have one of the best thick bone structure, super large heads, wide chests, and an exellent temperament. This bullies belong to a breeding program that has decades and decades of quality pedigree matching for well balanced and great looking bully style pits.



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